Sony has announced a new range of home cinema systems apart of its BRAVIA range that promise to fill your living room with sound.

There will be three models in the new range; the DAV-IS50, HTD-890IS and HT-IS100.

The DAV-IS50 is capable of creating a total of 450Watts of power, will be gloss-black and features a slot-loading DVD/CD/MP3 player with surround-sound processing and an RDS FM/AM radio tuner. It will measure 21cm wide and a little over 10 cm tall.

According to Sony there will be hidden touch-sensor controls spring to life on the top panel when your hand moves to operate them very similar to LG's home cinema offering.

New wireless rear speakers provide pure, interference-free surround-sound without the need for untidy wiring from the front to back of your room. The DAV-IS50 will upscale pictures from its built-in DVD player to 1080P

The HTD-890IS takes the speaker technology from the DAV-IS50 and adds a DVD/Hard Disk recorder with 160GB capacity and both digital and analogue TV tuners.

As well as playing all your DVDs, and allowing you to record to blank discs, the HTD-890IS can also store up to 455 hours of TV on its hard disk and users will be able to save up to 32 recording events up to a month ahead.

The HTD-890IS has two USB ports, enabling JPEG images to be captured and displayed from portable storage devices, and printed using a PictBridge printer. It also plays MP3 files from hard disk, CD-R/RW or USB storage.

The HT-IS100 is according to Sony a simple surround-sound solution for your Blu-ray Disc or DVD player.

Sony has yet to set a price for the systems.

We will keep you posted.