Sony Bravia has announced the UK's first ever art exhibition showcased on LCD TVs, entitled "Scream in High Definition" in celebration of the new generation E4000 series Bravia televisions.

The exhibition will be open to the public for 7 days from 7-13 July at the Scream gallery in Mayfair, owned by rock legend Ronnie Wood.

"Scream in High Definition" will showcase a piece of Ronnie's art as well as feature a selection of "inspirational" digital content from a handful of Scream-endorsed artists, all displayed on Bravia high-def LCD tellies.

The E4000 series has been chosen as the medium as it offers "picture frame mode" developed to show still images in HD detail.

In another tech-twist, collectors and enthusiasts can also purchase the exhibition artwork on a limited edition USB key, designed by resident Scream artist, Bruce French.