In Japan, Sony has just launched the Bravia KDL-32JE1 HD LCD TV with the claim that it is a truly "green" option, offering energy saving without compromising on image quality.

At a press demonstration, the new 32-inch Bravia was shown to consume around 82 watts of energy which compares to a "regular" model that that required 125 watts of energy to show the same high-def image.

Sony has made the energy savings by developing a brighter back light and better filtering that delivers light more efficiently and compared to a cathode-ray tube monitor, the new TV consumes about 70% less energy a year.

"We think ecology is going to become an important standard that consumers use in choosing products", Sony spokesperson Emi Nagahara said.

The KDL-32JE1 that goes on sale at the end of July in Japan for 150,000 yen - around £710 - and will launch in other markets, although details are not yet confirmed.