Sony has announced a new range of hard disk drive DVD recorders that the company says offers a wide choice of storage capacities to suit everyone's viewing needs.

The flagship models feature a 500GB drive which is enough for up to 1420 hours of TV, depending on what record quality is selected while the lower end models offer 120GB.

The RDR-HX680, RDR-HX780, RDR-HX980, RDR-HX1080 just have an analogue TV tuner while the RDR-HXD790, RDR-HXD890, RDR-HXD990 and RDR-HXD1090 come complete with an integrated DVB-T tuner for viewing and recording digital broadcasts.

New for 2008, HDD camcorder connection with all models allows direct digital dubbing from any Standard Definition Handycam Hard Disk Drive camcorder by Sony.

Photo files can be transferred to the recorders (all have USB and PictBridge ports) and another new feature is is "X-Pict Story" that lets users create slideshows and stored them on the hard drive.

Music recorded to the hard disk drive from audio CDs or USB flash drives can also be played jukebox-style via the TV screen.

All models feature HDMI output for 1080p HD upscaling and are BRAVIA Sync compatible, pricing and availability to be confirmed.