Sony has announced the Bravia W4000-Series LCD TV stating that it "embraces the future of television".

The W4000 series offers 1080p Full HD, 24p True Cinema mode, BRAVIA Sync technology and Sony's XMB interface.

10-bit signal processing carried out by the BRAVIA ENGINE 2 means the 10-bit LCD panel can yield 1024 shades of gradation between colours compared to the 256 available from normal 8-bit panels while "Live Colour Creation" a special Wide Colour Gamut Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp boosts the backlight spectrum.

The "Picture Frame Mode" can display photos in HD quality while the set is not in use. It switches the set to a reduced brightness and displays digital photos from the USB Photoviewer or use the six pre-installed pictures, which range from Pop art to Van Gogh.

The Series also supports the extended xvYCC colour space for moving images that Sony says set to replace sRGB as the industry standard has an integrated HDTV tuner and AVC-HD decoder alongside the DVB-T digital tuner.

No sizes, pricing, availability or other info revealed at this stage.

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