At a press "roundtable" event in the States Sony Electronics Inc president Stan Glasgow has been ruminating on Blu-ray, now the format war is over.

Although Sony "won" the next-gen disc format war, it seems the company realise they have plenty ahead of them, with Glasgow stating:

"The battle really begins now to move people away from DVD to Blu-ray. We have a lot of work to do now, so we are not gloating. Upscale DVD players have gotten better and better. We need to explain the additional feature sets, PIP, BD live and other features."

Adding that Sony "will build as many Blu-ray decks as we can", the Sony exec says that standalone Blu-ray player prices should hit $299 by the end of the year and fall further to $200 in 2009.

As an estimate Glasgow said that there will be five million standalone players sold this year worldwide with 75-80% sold in the United States.

And, unconcerned about the threat from high-def downloads, Glasgow thinks Sony has 10 years to milk the Blu-ray cash cow:

"You have the issue of a movie being an overnight rental that you can't move and don't own. [Broadband] will happen, but it won't derail a packaged format for a decade."