Sharp, Sony and Hitachi are to supposedly join forces to reduce power consumption of LCD TVs according to reports on the internet.

According to news website, "The three firms are aiming to jointly develop technology by 2011 to reduce power consumption by LCD TVs".

The study will aim to reduce power consumption to less than half of the current level by developing energy saving technology for image display and by studying LED technology.

Sharp, already a strong supporter of more environmentally friendly technology, called for a new energy rating system earlier in the month that would allow consumers to see how energy efficient television are in a similar scheme to the energy ratings on domestic appliances.

Sharp’s MD Paul Molyneux told Pocket-lint earlier this month; "It is in our interest to be responsible manufacturers".

Sharp, who says it plans to be carbon neutral by 2010, has said they will happily sign up to any consortium that pledges to rate their televisions on their environmental credentials in a similar way to how fridges and washing machines currently are.

"Of course we would sign up to a scheme. We are not afraid of showing our green credentials so happy to compete against others", Molyneux said.

In Europe the company is the only television maker to be awarded the Eco Flower creditation. The scheme aims to show consumers that products awarded with the symbol take into account issues such as production and packaging.

However, all three companies might do well to enlist the help of Korean manufacturer Samsung. It already has LED technology in its televisions, which it showed at German Technology Fair IFA last month.