Sony has launched for new Blu-ray players/recorders with hard disk drives in Japan. The new line-up comprises the BDZ-X90, BDZ-T70, BDZ-T50 and BDZ-L70.

They will start to go on sale in early November, in time for the Christmas sales period and Sony has said it will produce 40,000 units a month.

All four of the new players boast 24p true cinema, AVCHD support, "hi-vision" encoded recording, HD audio and BRAVIA link.

The largest capacity model is the Sony BDZ-X90 that has a 500GB hard drive, the Sony BDZ-T50 boasts 250GB HDD and one digital tuner. The BDZ-T70 has a 320GB hard drive and two digital tuners while the 320GB Sony BDZ-L70 is designed for hook up with your AVCHD camcorder.

The prices for the new range are from 140,000 yen (the equivalent of about £600) to 200,000 yen (about £860). No word on a launch outside Japan.