Sony launched four new ranges of Bravia LCD televisions at IFA - well, five if you count the metallic bezel difference in the X3500/X300-Series...

At the lower, and funner (no, of course it's not a real word) end of the market, recognising that not everyone wants a giant screen and a black cabinet, the Bravia S3000-Series is now available as 26-inch or as a 20-inch model available in eight different colours.

This HD Ready range boasts an integrated digital tuner and Dolby Virtual Surround speakers, aimed at the bedroom slash kitchen second TV market the range will be available in decor-matching dark and light blue white, pink, mauve, mocha as well as silver and black.

The Bravia V3000-Series now offers 40-inch and 46-inch models both featuring HD1080. For cinema buffs the 24p True Cinema and Theatre Mode should appeal for that get-close-to-how-the-director-intended-it viewing while digital amplification plus S-Force Front Surround helps out in the audio department.

A new "Art Frame" design means that this range won't be banished to the back room and the three HDMI connections means it'll get plenty friendly with your other HD stuff.

The Bravia W3000-Series is the revamp of the existing W2000 and features 40-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch models. This range offers HD1080 on all models plus 16,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Theatre Mode and 24p as well as an integrated HD tuner.

The "flagship" of Sony's LCD offerings, the BRAVIA X3500/X3000-Series is toppest (and no, that's not a real word either) of the ranges and includes Sony's biggest yet 70-inch model.

The Series includes 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and 70-inch models, all capable of HD1080 resolution and offers Sony Motionflow +100Hz that doubles the standard 50Hz refresh rate.

Further picture goodness is promises by 10-bit signal processing and a 10-bit LCD panel yields 1024 shades of gradation between colours compared to the 256 available from normal 8-bit panels.

That 70-inch model features super-wide colour gamut Triluminos LED backlight technology which achieves a high dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1.

All pricing and availability to be confirmed as the ranges become available in the UK.