Want an insider insight on one of the main Blu-ray player's official thoughts on the format war?

Then head over to Sony's Electronics new blog where blogger "Rick" (Rick Clancy, responsible for Corporate Communications at Sony Electronics in the US) shares his bemusement that the format war has not already been beat hands down by the boys in blue.

"I can’t help but wonder why this particular format war isn’t over yet", states Rick.

He goes on to ponder over the fact that despite Blu-ray having nearly all the major player's support, the format war between the Blu-ray and HD DVD platforms is not over yet.

With reference to previous format wars, where Sony was criticised for pushing formats with little industry support, Rick states that "Sony is not fighting this war alone".

He then considers the penetration of PlayStation 3s, the lowering of (although hardly low) prices of Blu-ray players and Blu-ray drives in computing products and states:

"It seems to me that it’s just about time for this war to be over."

Wants to know Rick's thought on hybrid dual-format products?

"...contribute to consumer and retail confusion or procrastination, while slowing down the timetable for creating even more compelling products".

And leaving no doubt that ol' Rick believes in the bee-dee cause:

"I believe that Sony’s support is behind the technology that has the potential to provide the greatest consumer experience".