AVS Forum users in the States have begun to notice some problems with their Blu-ray disks, specifically "The Prestige" disks that are showing spotty marks.

Here's the original post from one worried forum member about his copy of "The Prestige":

"I've only watched it once, on the PS3, about 1.5 months ago. Couple of days ago, I tried it again and realised that the PS3 wasn't able to read it. The surface of the disc looks like it has lots of blotches or specks, but when you run your fingers over the surface, its smooth, which means that the problem is happending below the top surface layer."

After the post several other forum members joined in the discussion saying that their copy of The Prestige was showing similar damage, although in different stages of playability.

"The Departed" and "Stranger Than Fiction" are also rumoured to be affected titles.

Obviously if this turns out to be more than a few isolated cases this would mean major problems for the Blu-ray format which seems to be pulling ahead in the high-def format war with news coming in only yesterday that Blockbuster in the States were favouring the Sony-led disks in all their rental stores.