Sony's home entertainment offerings at CES include two media-centre type computers, and a $33,000 Bravia televisions.

The redundantly-named Vaio TP1 Living Room PC Digital Living System features a unique round shape and is white, giving it a rather Apple-esque form. It has PC-like features, including web browsing and email via the wireless keyboard and remote, and TV-like features, with analogue and digital tuners, and HDMI connectivity.

It features WLAN so that it can be placed anywhere in the home and connect to other networked storage devices; it's expected to go on sale for around $1600.

A much less expensive option for wireless music is the WA Wireless Digital Music Streamer, available in March for around $350.

It lets you stream digital music and web radio throughout your wireless network, and connects to portable audio players.

And finally, there's the 70in Bravia KDL-70XBR3, which displays 1920 x 1080 resolution. It's the first LCD with x.v.Color, the latest standard with a wider gamut than sRGB, and features 120Hz fast-frame rate, as well as Triluminos LED backlighting, and a 7000:1 contrast ratio.