Sony has announced the company’s first internet video system at CES 2007 in Las Vegas.

Sony has announced that the free service will be offered on the majority of new Sony televisions starting with several Bravia LCD TVs that have been announced at the show.

The new televisions will accept an attachable module called the Bravia Internet Video Link can stream broadband high-definition and other internet video content with the press of a remote control button. Sony has said that the module will be available this summer.

“While other companies struggle with standard definition, Sony has developed a scalable Internet HDTV solution with some notable partners providing content”, Glasgow said.

Those partners include AOL, Yahoo and Grouper, now part of Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as Sony Pictures itself and Sony BMG. Executives from the first three companies joined Glasgow for a demonstration to show off a range of content from Movies to Sports events and even user generated content.

Sony’s Xross Media Bar (XMB), an icon-based user interface similar to what is already found on PlayStation 3 (PS3), PSP and a recently introduced Sony A/V receiver, made its debut in conjunction with the Internet video demo.

The device doens't need a PC.

Glasgow also reported that Sony Electronics enjoyed strong holiday sales in the United States, which have put the company on track for a year of double-digit growth.