Sony has revamped its Bravia range of televisions for the autumn, and has added five new lines that include LCD flat-panels as well as Micro Display Projection.

Sony’s choice of HD Ready LCD TVs has been widened so that there’s now more options at the entry-level and top-end. The U2000 Series is at the lower end, and contains 26-, 32-, and 40-inch models, with support for 1080i and 720p, signal processing by Sony’s Bravia Engine, a built-in DVB-T tuner, Virtual Dolby Surround sound, and BBE Digital ViVA HD3D sound enhancement.

The W2000 Series comes in at the top end of the Bravia line, offering 40- and 46-inch screen, with 1080 Full HD, 1080p capable, a Wide Colour Gamut backlight, Live Colour Creation to boost the range of colour displayed, integrated DVB-T tuner, and twin HDMI inputs.

The E2000 Series Micro Display Projection TV doesn’t offer full HD, and maxes out at 720p on its great big 50-inch screen using a 3LCD triple panel projection system. Its Cinema Black Pro Iris shutter mechanism is supposed to allow precise adjustment of the dynamic range, while other features include Virtual Dolby Surround, BBE ViVA 3D audio processing, built-in digital DVB-T tuner, and twin HDMI.

Next up is the 55-inch A2000 series, and the massive 70-inch R2000 series back projection TVs. Both are 1080p capable, feature a triple panel projection system with SXRD technology to eliminate the ‘screen door’ grid effect, and run on the Bravia Engine Pro image processing suite that reduces noise, corrects colour, smooths motion, and sharpens the picture.

Sony says that the Bravia Engine Pro can upscale 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p and 1080i inputs in a process called Digital Reality Creation HD-HD. Other features of the series include Cinema Black Pro, Dolby Pro Logic II Virtual Surround, BBE Digital audio processing, integrated DVB-T tuner, and twin HDMI.

The existing range of HD Ready LCD TVS are also being upgraded. The S2500, launching in December, features twin HDMI connectors and Wide Colour Gamut backlights, and will come in 32-, 40-, and 46-inch models.

The V2500 will also be launching December with dual HDMI, while the X2000 series comes in a wider range of screen sizes, with a 40-inch model being released in September, and 52-inch model following in November.