Sony’s latest home cinema project promises not only full HD capabilities, but the greatest contrast ratio for projectors on the market, at 15,000:1.

The VPL-VW50 builds on the success of its predecessor, the VPL-VW100, and is fully compatible with the 1080p output of the Sony PS3 and the latest Blu-ray players.

The technology around which the device is based is called SXRD, or Silicon X-tal Reflective Display. Three 1920 x 1080 SXRD panels are used to produce 6.22MP of resolution so that the device offers smooth images; crisp fast-moving pictures with a response time of only 2.3ms; and excellent colour reproduction.

Advanced Iris 2 lets users fine-tune the contrast manually, or select between two automatic modes, while the 200W Ultra High Pressure lamp used in the project translates into better colour reproduction on the screen.

Other features include two HDMI inputs, and a lens that offers a 1.8x zoom, so that the projector can be places 3m to 5.5m from a 100-inch screen, and a super-quiet fan that makes just 22dB of noise, which is virtually undetectable.