Sony has launched two new HDD DVD recorders, the RDR-HXD560 and the RDR-HXD860.

Neither devices boasts particularly new features, but they both have top-of-the-line specifications.

Both models feature integrated digital tuners, as well as intelligent recording functions so that you can schedule recordings up to 8 days in advance, as well as book daily, weekly, and monthly programmes for recording.

A set-top box control ensures that you can change channels and record content from satellite, cable, and Freeview channels through the recorder.

While you're watching TV, you can pause it in the middle of a programme to make a cup of tea or answer the phone, and then continue watching. You can also use fast playback at 1.3 times faster than normal playback, in order to catch up with the live broadcast.

Chasing Playback lets you watch recorded programmes before they've finished, and the devices also display one channel while recording on another.

Both models are dual-format compatible and can record and playback DVD +R double-layer discs.

The RDR-HXD860 includes an HDMI connection, and features a 160GB hard drive for 249 hours of TV, at a price of around £400 when it hits the shelves in September.

The RDR-HXD560 is available this month, and features an 80GB hard drive for 106 hours of TV at a street price of around £350.