The launch of the Slingbox for £179 somewhat stole Sony's thunder on the release of its remote TV tuner, LocationFree, which had been announced with a price tag of £350

When Sony representative were questioned by Pocket-lint about the high price, which is nearly double that of the rival Slingbox product, they responded that the device cost more because it employs better technology and is an all-round better product.

However, now that LocationFree is available in store, it seems that Sony has done an about-face, as an estimated street price of between £200 and £230 has been slapped on it.

You may find it for even less money as retailers set their own price.

Sony's LocationFree sends TV broadcasts over broadband to your computer, whether you're at work, at home, or abroad.

It can be plugged directly into a home network or wireless link to a PSP or PC.

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