Hauppauge Digital is the latest company to offer location free TV watching with its new service, Orb.com.

The company has introduced mobile TV capabilities for its range of PVR products this week. Owners with a wireless PDA, mobile phone or laptop can use WiFi access to Orb.com and connect to their home PC, enjoying live TV or recorded programmes from WinTV.

With the Orb software installed on the home PC, owners can use all the features of the installed Hauppauge TV PVR tuner from the road, including watching live programmes, playing recorded TV, scheduling recordings and checking listings.

Hauppauge's WinTV PVR range of TV cards include on-board MPEG-2 video encoding to ensure high quality video, even with demanding tasks such as time-shifting and pausing live TV. The cards include an FM Tuner, which means your local radio can be available to you, no matter where you are in the world.

Orb will also allow owners who have connected third party video sources to their PC, such as set top boxes, video recorders and video cameras, to access the content remotely.

Orb software is available free from www.orb.com. Hauppauge WinTV PVR devices are available from £79.99 from a wide number of high street and online retailers.