Sony has begun shipping its 25GB single layer Blu-ray Disc recording media in America.

In addition, the company announced that it will be launching a dual layer 50GB capacity disc is set to debut in June.

"Sony knows Blu-ray technology like no other company", said Mike Lucas, director of marketing for Sony Electronics' Media and Application Solutions Division, which is handy as it developed the technology.

Sony's Blu-ray media also supports a 2x recording speed, which provides a high data transfer rate of up to 72Mbps, making it ideal for high-definition video recording and data storage applications.

In addition to media, Sony will soon offer a wide range of Blu-ray Disc devices, including a Blu-ray Disc player, VAIO desktop and notebook computers, and an internal Blu-ray Disc drive.

The BD-R (write-once) 25GB and BD-RE (rewritable) 25GB recording media have suggested retail prices of $20 and $25, respectively. The soon to come BD-R 50GB and BD-RE 50GB recording media will have suggested retail prices of $48 and $60, respectively.

No word as yet on UK availability and pricing.

We will keep you posted.