Sony has launched its LocationFree TV service in the UK allowing to be able to access their TV from any where in the world as long as they have access to a network.

The system, which works in a similar way to the Slingbox media player, allows users to watch live TV, play back recorded programmes and even set up future recordings, all from a PC, laptop or PSP handheld console as long as they have installed a LocationFree Base Station and have access to the internet.

The heart of the system is the LocationFree Base Station. This compact unit has two connections for AV equipment such as a DVD/HDD recorder. The Base Station can be plugged directly into an existing home network or it can establish a wireless link to a PSP, notebook or desktop PC, typically over a 100-foot range.

LocationFree will be available in UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands from May 2006.

Sony has promised that it will be launching the LocationFree service in other Euroepean countries later this year.