Sony has launched two new hard drive DVD Recorders in the UK following the announcement of two HDD DVD recorders in Europe earlier this month.

The two new models are the RDR-HX525 and the RDR-HX725 and boast an 80GB and 160GB hard disc drive respectively, however Sony UK won't be selling the RDR-HX925 player that features a 250GB hard drive.

The new players will include its GUIDE Plus+ system for what it says will offer "even easier programme recording".

The two models are available we either 160GB and 80GB hard drive respectively and feature Sony's new IQ recording system that offers features such as DV terminal (i.LINK) for one-touch dubbing, Set-Top-Box Control, Pause Live TV, Chasing Playback, and a HQ+ high quality recording mode.

The newly developed Electronic Programme Guide interface, GUIDE Plus+ displays up to seven days of programme listings.

In addition to HDD and DVD+/-R/RW the two models can also record and playback DVD+R Double Layer (DL) discs with a maximum 8.5GB capacity allowing the viewer to store up to 14 hours (in SEP Mode) of recordings on DVD disc.

The RDR-HX525 and RDR-HX725 will both be available from May 2006.