Sony has launched two new Hard Disk Drive DVD recorders. The RDR-HXD710 and RDR-HXD910 Hard Disk Drive DVD recorders at the top end of the market.

The new models, which will come with an eight day electronic programming guide will cost £500 for the RDR-HXD710 and £700 for the RDR-HXD910 which will be available in October.

The HXD910 can store a maximum of 428 hours worth of entertainment and is HD Ready.

As well as being dual RW compatible, the RDR-HXD710 and RDR-HXD910 are both DVD-R double layer disc compatible so you can now record over 14 hours of programmes onto one DVD. Both models also boast Sony's HQ+ mode, which records at 15Mbps to ensure the best possible recorded picture quality.

The Sony RDR-HXD910 also comes with an HDMI output to provide picture quality that simply cannot to matched.