Sony has announced three new flatscreen Television ranges offering High Definition and Digital ready sets.

The first of the new ranges is the S Series, designed for consumers converting from a traditional CRT model to a flatscreen model.

The S Series comes in 19in, 23in, 26in and 32in screens that include a wide viewing angle and tilt and swivel screen for improved viewing.

The 23in, 26in and 32in S Series models are Digital ready and the 32in is High Definition ready and features a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) than transmits digital information without signal interference.

A 40in S series screen will be launching in October.

The V Series will come in 26in, 32in and 40in screens and use LCD technology, while the largest V Series screen utilizes a 42in Plasma display.

All V Series models include High Resolution image processors that emulate a High Definition picture from a standard definition source and Virtual Dolby Surround Pro Logic II for a surround sound effect.

All V Series models are Digital and High Definition ready and are equipped with an HDMI interface, through this connection the V Series panels can integrate with all HD devices.

The W Series will offer two new flat screens featuring a floating design, a 40in LCD screen and a 50in Plasma display.

Both models Digital and High Definition ready and are equipped with an HDM1 interface and feature High Definition image processors that emulate a high definition picture from any standard definition source.

The W Series also features a 100-watt S-Master digital amplifier.

Digital ready Television models feature an integrated digital tuner that allow the user to receive up to 30 Freeview TV and Radio channels.