Sony has announced a new flagship DVD/PVR called the RDR-HX1010. The new model will feature a massive 400Gb HDD as well as offering a host of features including IQ Recording, HQ+ recording mode, Intelligent Chaptering and One Touch Dubbing.

The new model will also feature a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output offering full digital output with one single cable, for easier connection to a TV or AV receiver.

More interactive features include the One Touch Dubbing mode which will allow users to transfer video content straight to a DVD-Video by pressing a single button and Intelligent Chaptering that allows users to jump straight to a scene that the player has intelligently marked.

The RDR-HX1010 also offers a live pause feature so you can timeshift television as well as supporting DVD-RW/-R , DVD+RW/+R and DVD+R Double Layer discs.

It will be available in Europe in September, although Sony has not yet set a price.