At a pan-European press conference held in Bordeaux this week, Sony announced a new range of products to be labelled under a new brand name - QUALIA.

Derived from the latin word qualia which means quality the range has been designed and priced for the “more money than sense” brigade, the new range will focus on high specification televisions, projectors and audio equipment.

The flagship of the range seems to be the QUALIA 004 - a top spec digital projector that will be launched in May 2005. The projector uses a Carl Ziess lens normally found in Sony's digital camera range and offers High definition image quality from its 1080P native panel resolution. The end result is a 6 megapixel image that is likely to be better than the one used in your local cinema.

However with quality, unfortunately comes a large price tag and prospective buyers should be expected to pay £28,000 for the unit.

It's not all projectors and televisions however, Sony also announced the QUALIA 010 a set of ultra-light headphones that include the ability to reproduce Super Audio CD or DVD audio sound as well as reproducing source sounds at frequencies exceeding 100kHz. The unit will also feature a porous baffle to manage airflow and resistance to reduce unnecessary sound resonance. Better still you can get them in a choice of two colours - red or blue. Like the projector however the

Like the projector though they don't come cheap, the price tag is a whopping £1500 although there is currently no plans to release them in the UK.

Sony acknowledges that the range isn't for the average consumer and certainly won't appeal to everyone. We would have to agree.