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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has unveiled its 2022 TV lineup at CES, showcasing the first time you'll be able to buy a QD-OLED from an actual store, marking a bit of a step forward for consumer TVs.

One interesting new flagship in the Bravia lineup is the Bravia XR A95K, using that new type of quantum dot-OLED display, in either 65-inch or 55-inch versions and packing 4K resolution in either case.

The major benefits brought by QD-OLED compared to standard OLED displays are improved brightness and the vividness of colours, but it's not quite as seismic a gap as that presented by new Mini LED displays, based on showings so far (of which there have been few).

If Mini LED is your bag and you've got a lot of cash, the new X95K 4K Mini LED will be of interest, along with other new options that Sony's also showing off as part of this unveiling.

New stand designs for various of the TVs announced will make it easier to ensure a soundbar can fit under them if you've got one, or to get them flush against a wall, while there are also great features for PS5 gamers across the whole lineup of 4K options.

They'll pack in 120Hz refresh rates, auto HDR tone mapping for the PlayStation 5, an auto low latency mode and will have variable refresh rate (VRR) out of the box. It's worth pointing out that the PS5 itself actually doesn't support VRR yet, but we're not alone in assuming it'll start doing so at some point.

The displays all run Google TV, as they have in recent years, and have a huge range of picture settings and wizardry to make for theoretically ideal viewing experiences - you can find out more in Sony's own mammoth announcement.

For now, we'll have to wait to find out pricing and indeed release dates for all of these TVs, but at first glance they look like a nice step up, especially for those among us who get plenty of use from our PS5s.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.