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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has taken a leaf out of IKEA's book by releasing a new app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that lets prospective customers try to get a sense for what a Sony TV might look like in their home, using AR. 

The Envision TV AR app, which is available now, is a sort of enhanced browser that not only gives you the full details of what ports and capabilities a given Sony TV has, but also lets you use your AR-capable smartphone to visualise what the TV will look like on your wall or stand.


As with other AR shopping apps, users will let the app use their smartphone's camera, before selecting a model and size that they would like to see visualised. The camera will then scan the room, letting you subsequently choose a place on your wall or on a stand where you'd theoretically put the TV.

Once placed, you can easily switch between the different display sizes of your chosen model, letting you quickly compare what it would look like if you were sensible and stuck to a 65", compared to the gorgeous folly of an 85" monster.

We haven't been able to download the app yet in the UK, but it should apparently be available any moment now, letting you test out the looks of Sony's range at will. It's on the Google Play Store here and the Apple App store here

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.