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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has debuted new 8K LCD and 4K OLED TVs at CES 2019. Leading the charge are two new Master Series models.

These are designed to be the pinnacle of Sony TV picture quality and there are LED and OLED sets lining up to take the crown, ahead of a pack of more affordable OLED and LED TV models for the masses.

Sony Master Series ZG9

The two 8K sets aren't OLED like LG, but the Master Series ZG9 are huge at 85 and 98-inches, pushing into larger sizes - which Sony uses as justification for the move to 8K. As we've heard before, with a huge TV there comes the need to upscale content for greater resolution. There's currently no commercial 8K content, but Sony says that the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate will handle the load and power a new 8K X-Reality Pro upscaling engine.

SonySony Debuts Bravia Master Series 8k Lcd Tvs And Oled 4k Tvs image 2

This is a full array TV - so the LEDs are aligned directly behind the screen - to improve the local dimming. 

Sound isn't missed out: the ZG9 has four front-firing speakers, using Sound-from-Picture processing to make it appear as though the voices are coming from the people on the screen, for example. The ZG9 will also support Dolby Atmos (and Dolby Vision) and if you're connecting to your own surround sound system, you can have the TV act as the centre speaker.

Sony Master Series A9G

Then there are also three sizes of Master Series A9G (77, 65 and 55-inch), Sony's new flagship OLED television for 2019. These are now around half the thickness of previous models when wall-mounted.

The 4K OLED screens use Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology that produces sound from the screen itself - first seen in 2017's Sony A1 TV. Again it supports Sound-from-Picture and can play the centre speaker in a surround sound setup. Sony adds that the 4K OLED screens are also compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Again, image processing comes from the Picture Processing X1 Ultimate, this time working to give you the best 4K experience. The TVs are again compatible with Dolby Vision. There's a Netflix Calibrated Mode on the new Master Series TVs, so you know that you'll be getting the best from your streamed content.

Both the new Sony TVs run on Android TV, but offer a full range of connectivity with Google Assistant built-in, Alexa support and coming in the future will be AirPlay 2, so they'll play nice with your Apple devices.

Sony also has a range of updates to the rest of its line. That includes smaller size 4K OLED models, the A8G series (55, 65-inch), again with Acoustic Surface Audio, Dolby Vision and Google Assistant. 

For those looking for new LED models, Sony is updating across the board, with a new XG95 series, offering full array TVs with 4K HDR in 85, 75, 65, 55 inch models. These also support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos - and Google Assistant. 

Drop down to the XG90 and you have a 49-inch full array 4K HDR TV, which is something of a rarity. It doesn't quite have the processing power of the XG95, but it still supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Then there's the XG85: this drops down to an edge-lit proposition for 4K HDR, coming in 85, 75, 65 and 55 inch models, again with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, but sitting at the entry-point for Sony's new 4K HDR sets for 2019. 

We'll bring you more on these new models as soon as we get to see them, along with prices which so far have not been announced.

Writing by Dan Grabham.