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(Pocket-lint) - With the explosion of 4K video streaming and the very capable 4K disc spinning talents of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, you can be forgiven for wondering why standalone players exist. Especially at the £200-300 mark.

Sony hopes to prove otherwise though, with its UBP-X500 deck that is slim, sleek and designed to play multiple disc formats, not just 4K platters.

The Sony UBP-X500 is capable of playing 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, conventional Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and any Super AudioCDs you might have lying around.

It has intelligent upscaling tech inside to scale standard def or 1080p images to 4K and you can also playback media stored on a USB stick in multiple audio or video file formats.

It has Dolby Atmos passthrough, for the best surround sound solution through compatible speaker systems and AV receivers, and there is HDR10 support for the wider colour gamut and greater contrast afforded by 4K Blu-rays.

However, there is seemingly no support for Dolby Vision, which is a shame considering there are many movies available these days that support the HDR tech.

Even the Xbox One consoles will be adopting Dolby Vision in the coming months (it is already supported for Netflix and streaming video).

There are plenty that don't want a games console in their AV cabinets though and the Sony UBP-X500 might be enough for them.

It'll cost £200 when it is released in mid-August.

Writing by Rik Henderson.