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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has unveiled its OLED TV and it has an incredible trick up its sleeve. Not only does it support the Dolby Vision HDR standard, there are no speakers on the television. That's because the whole TV is a speaker too.

The superthin screen vibrates to create the audio - in a tech Sony calls Audio Surface. How this works with stereo audio, we're not sure, but it is groundbreaking.

The TV was shown during the company's CES 2017 press conference and boasts very impressive picture quality.

Other TVs announced include the 4K HDR X93E series, which has much greater brightness than the OLED panel but can't achieve the same black levels. It's really horses for course as to which you prefer.

Sony also revealed that the previous X94 series and the Z9D will be made Dolby Vision compatible.

It is putting a lot of stock into HDR this year, with the update for the PS4 now introducing the extended colour and brightness tech to gaming. Compatible games are now being released regularly. They'll look amazing on the OLED TV we're sure.

We'll be getting a proper first look at the A1E series TVs at CES 2017 very soon, so check back often.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 5 January 2017.