Sony has introduced a new flagship line of 4K LCD TVs, called the Z Series, and it's bringing five Bravia 4K HDR TVs to major UK and Irish retailers.

Starting with the Z Series, which now sits above the X Series in terms of display quality, it includes high-dynamic range (HDR) and a 4K image processor for better contrast and colour accuracy. Sets in the series run on Google's Android TV platform, with a custom interface overlaid by Sony. The line starts at $6,999. It has three models: the 65-inch XBR65Z9D, 75-inch XBR75Z9D, and 100-inch XBR100Z9D.

The 75-inch set will go for $9,999. You can now pre-order the 65- and 75-inch models, and they should begin shipping later this summer. The 100-inch model doesn't yet have a price tag nor availability details. All three models will support HDR10 rather than Dolby Vision.

Sonysony announces z series 4k tvs brings bravia 4k hdr tvs to europe image 2

As for those Bravia 4K HDR TVs, the XD83, XD80, XD70, XD75, and SD80 models are coming to parts of Europe, Sony has confirmed. They offer a 4K-viewing experience, of course, as well as near 4K quality up-conversion from HD sources. And they run Android TV.

Here's pricing and size information for the the sets by series:

  • 43-inch XD83 will go for £900
  • 49-inch XD83 will go for £1,100
  • 43-inch XD80 will go for £850
  • 49-inch XD80 will go for £1,000
  • 55-inch XD80 will go for £1,300
  • 49-inch XD70 will go for £800
  • 55-inch XD70 will go for £1,000
  • 65-inch XD75 will go for £1,700
  • 50-inch SD80 will go for £1,200

These Bravia 4K HDR TVs will be available in the UK and Ireland "soon".

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