(Pocket-lint) - Television technology is going through an unprecedented period of change right now. The combination of new Ultra HD screens, high dynamic range technology (HDR) and ever-changing, ever-expanding smart TV features has made it harder than ever for consumers to feel confident that any TV they buy is ready, willing and able to get the best out of everything the AV world now offers. 

Cue Sony’s XD9305 BRAVIA TV range. These new televisions leave no stone unturned in their bid to deliver the most up to the minute performance possible, even going so far as to introduce a completely new lighting technology designed to take HDR to exceptional heights.

To make it easier to understand just how cutting edge the Sony XD9305 TVs really are, here are eight of their most exciting features.

1. Stunning design

Whether it’s the incredible slimness, the beautifully minimalistic lines, the high quality finish or the gorgeous infusion of a sliver of gold into the frame’s outer edge, everything about the XD9305’s design oozes quality and enhances the look of any living room.

To combine the sort of ultra-thin TV designs everybody wants to own with the exceptional picture quality we expect from the latest Ultra HD and high dynamic range sources, Sony’s engineers have created a new way of lighting the TVs’ pictures. The Slim Backlight Drive combines edge LED lighting that helps keep the TV design trim with a double light-plate system that allows the TV to deliver light with much more local accuracy and control than a traditional edge LED TV. In other words, the TV can deliver bright picture areas alongside dark ones with much less chance of light pollution between the two - an essential feature for HDR playback.

2. Native 4K Resolution

The Sony XD9305 fits 3840x2160 pixels onto the screen versus the 1920x1080 you’re used to seeing with high definition TVs. This means the XD9305 TVs can deliver pictures with four times as much resolution, resulting in ultra-detailed, ultra- sharp images that make you feel like you’re looking through a window rather than just watching a TV. 

3. Triluminos colour

Sony’s proprietary Triluminos technology has been setting LCD colour standards for a couple of years now, and its impact is more dramatic than ever on the XD9305 range.

Triluminos is essentially a proprietary combination of powerful processing and wide colour phosphors that’s tailor made to unlock the full colour dynamism but also the subtlety you get with the new wide colour spectrum pictures available from Ultra HD Blu-rays and the Amazon/Netflix online streaming platforms.

4. The X1 Processor

To get the best from features like the Slim Backlight Drive, native 4K resolution and Triluminos colour system, Sony has developed a unique X1 chipset that gets the optimal picture quality out of any source you throw at it. At the heart of this chipset is a huge database of picture experience and scenarios that helps the TV identify different sources more quickly and deliver the most appropriate picture settings more accurately in real time for every single frame.

5. Android TV

There are smart TV systems and then there’s Android TV. Building Google’s latest smart TV platform into the XD9305 TVs is a masterstroke, as it opens up access to a wider range of apps. Video streaming services, games, information providers, content management systems… you want it, Android TV has it.

6. YouView

Sitting alongside the Android TV smart system in the XD9305’s smart menus is YouView. As well as adding the catch-up TV apps for all of the UK’s ‘big four’ broadcasters - the BBC iPlayer, the ITV Player, All 4 and Demand 5 - YouView lets you access on-demand content via a brilliantly simple electronic programme guide system that scrolls back through time

7. Premium High Dynamic Range playback

Most experts agree that the single most impactful new TV picture technology is high dynamic range (HDR). This introduces a far more expansive brightness range to pictures than we’ve become accustomed to seeing for the past few decades, and most HDR sources we’re seeing are accompanied by much wider colour ranges than we’ve seen before. The result is pictures that look much more punchy and far more like our eyes experience in the real world.

The various lighting, processing and colour talents discussed previously make Sony’s XD9305 TVs exceptionally qualified to unlock HDR’s potential. So much so that once you’ve witnessed HDR on an XD9305, you just can’t live without it.

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