Netflix CEO Reed  has announced that LG isn't the only company to support the movie-streaming services's 4K offering. Sony's new range of nine 4K televisions will also offer Netflix 4K support.

Taking the stage at Sony's press event at CES 2014, Hastings also announced that its original programming from here on will be shot in 4K.

To complement Hastings' announcement, Sony said its flagship XBR-X950B television, available in 95 or 85-inch models, and its 55, 65, and 79-inch XBR-900B mid-range television, will support Netflix native 4K streaming when they hit the market.

"It won't be so great for DSL users, but on cable and fibre it will be great," said Hastings.  

In the past, content streamed through 4K was thought to require insane data speeds, but while on stage Hasting said Netflix's 4K content would work at 15Mbps - a pretty average speed for homes these days.