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(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic has already pulled out of the plasma market and now there's rumour that it and Sony are giving up on OLED too. The new focus will be on 4K screens.

But since this comes from hit-and-miss site DigiTimes we're taking it with a pinch of salt. But with Sony and Panasonic rumoured to be starting an OLED display company that never emerged, and with 4K screens on sale already, this news does seem reasonable. Both Sony and Panasonic showed off 4K OLEDs at last year's CES but only 4K was released for sale.

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Sony was one of the first companies to make OLED screens with its Sony XEL-1 - at 11-inches and £1,300. That's always been the problem, price. And even now OLEDs aren't really affordable: the Sony 4K TV will set you back £5,400. But an OLED is a whopping £8,000, in the case of LG's 55-inch curved TV - a ridiculous amount that never seems to get  any less.

With LG and Samsung neck and neck on OLED production and pushing into new ground with curved screens it seems reasonable that Sony and Panasonic trying to take them on now would be a tall order.

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The supply chain quote from DigiTimes says: "After months of developing OLED TVs in hope that production yields for OLED TV panels could be improved, the two Japan makers have yet to resolve various technology bottlenecks that will allow the technology to drop in pricing to a point where it would have an advantage in the market."

CES is next week and if there are no OLED screens on the Sony or Panasonic stands we'll know for sure. Check back and we'll let you know.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.