Sony has named, priced, and dated its 4K Ultra HD Media Player in the US, allowing those looking for 4K content to get it direct to their home.

The new box, originally announced in January at CES, will be arriving in US homes from 15 July and cost $699 (£460).

The box, which works with Sony's shiny new Sony KD-65X9005A 65-inch 4K TV, will come pre-loaded with 10 4K movies as well as give you access to Sony's new Video Unlimited 4K service when it launches later in the year.

The movies include The Amazing Spider-Man, Bad Teacher, The Karate Kid, The Other Guys, Battle: Los Angeles, That's My Boy, Salt, Total Recall 2012, Taxi Driver and The Bridge on the River Kwai.

In addition to the 10 bonus Hollywood blockbusters (well maybe busters...), Sony has also included a variety of short-form videos that "showcase the immersive experience and fine detail that only 4K can deliver".

Meanwhile if that eclectic mix of films isn't to your liking, Sony's Video Unlimited 4K service will give you access to a regularly updated library of full-length 4K feature films and TV shows right in your living room later in the year - although at the moment we suspect it will only be Sony Pictures titles.

Users will be able to buy movies for $29.99 or rent them for 24 hours for $7.99.

The Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player itself comes with 2TB of storage although Sony says you can add another hard drive to it yourself to expand the storage options.