Yes, there are a fair few James Bond fans who lament the use of product placement in the last few movies. And yes, Sony Xperia smartphones even turn up in 007 Legends, the game by Activision that shoehorns modern tech into classic film scenes, such as Goldfinger and Moonraker. And a further yes, at times it feels intrusive.

But, considering that Bond 23 Skyfall was almost never made thanks to MGM's fabled money woes, we'd rather have real-world sponsorship than no Bond at all.

And we happen to think that Sony's making a fair stab at getting into the spirit of the Bond franchise, especially with its new, dedicated advert that gets a first airing on British TV on Friday 26 October.

The clip even gives those yet to see the film (outside of press previews and the star-studded premier tonight, that includes all of us) a chance to see the gadgets Daniel Craig's Bond will be using in the film. And the main man even pops up in the advert itself, so it's worth a view or two.

You can also read our review of the Sony Xperia T, the handset Bond will be using in the film. We may as well get our own plug in there too...