Sony started by telling Pocket-lint that in the US, during it’s first year, its Google TV devices sold much lower volumes than it expected. Even so, the company intends to launch Google TV products in Europe this year.

The firm is confident that interest in Google TV will be higher now, especially as the Android Market has launched. Sony told us that it believes the lack of Market on devices at launch was a big disappointment for customers. A year on, it finally arrived, providing a much better and more consistent service for the end user.

In Europe, Google TV will be included in networked media and Blu-ray players. The NSZ-GP9 has a newly designed remote control. It has a touchpad, but you can also use voice control via the microphone built-in to the controller. It also features a three-axis motion sensor and the remote can control other devices in your home cinema.

Sony says Google’s new Chrome web browser and an updated CPU means you can get a full, PC-speed, web browsing experience. Chrome also includes Adobe Flash on Google TV, in stark contrast with the newly launched mobile browser, which has turned to more open standards.

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