Sony has, as expected, announced some new Google TV-enabled products, but not an integrated television like the one available in the US last year.

The two devices, one a network media player, the other a Blu-ray deck, each include a remote control that comes complete with a touch pad, keyboard with back light, microphone for voice search, and a 3-axis motion sensor that can be used to play games.

Coming in black, the Sony NSZ-GS7 hooks up to the Internet and your TV and, essentially, adds connected TV style features to a set that might not have those features integrated. The NSZ-GS9 is similar but also includes Blu-ray playback.

"We were the industry’s first to launch ‘Google TV’ platform products in 2010. By leveraging our Sony Internet TV know-how, we will offer new products with enhanced user experiences to more customers," said Ben Law, category marketing manager, Sony UK. "Furthermore, we will create new value in home entertainment by strengthening the compatibility of Bravia TV as well as mobile devices."

Both devices will be launching in the US and UK with a "phased launch". The actual release date and pricing details are yet to be revealed.

sony google tv plans include nsz gs7 network media player and nsz gp9 blu ray deck image 2