Microsoft Kinect, the hugely successful motion control gaming accessory, might just get TV integration as reports suggest Microsoft has approached TV companies about licensing the Kinect tech.

The Daily has suggested that both Sony and Vizio have been approached, and if Kinect were to be implemented would allow for a large amount of TV control through body gestures and voice.

Owners of the Xbox 360 console can currently use Kinect to browse through services like Netflix using motion control, but this integrated system could go much further. The new system could be used to recognise various users in order to tailor the expperience to their particular viewing habits, and there's no reason why programmable gestures couldn't be implemented at some point in the future.

A particularly interesting angle to this is that it could empower many TV manufacturers to go against the mighty Apple and its rumoured iTV system, which would likely use Siri voice control. The Kinect system is proven technology and could potentially be shoehorned into TVs relatively quickly on a variety of systems.

This could all happen quite rapidly as there appears to be a feeling across the industry that something big needs to come in the way of TV innovation. It was thought this could be 3D, and clearly that tech adds another string to the goggle box bow, but maybe it's the demise of the traditional TV controller that will stir things up in 2012.

There is also a possibility that with motion/voice control on televisions, the tech could be extended right across the home through connected systems like DLNA; PCs have already had the green light from Microsoft in terms of Kinect compatibility.