Sony is ready to take on Apple for living room supremacy using its four-screen strategy - that's according to the company's CEO Sir Howard Stringer.

"I'm up for the fight," said the Welsh-born boss. "I spent the last five years building a platform so I can compete against Steve Jobs. It's finished, and it's launching now."

Stringer's fight will be aided by the fact that Sony thinks it's cracked the four-screen setup - TV, PC, tablet and smartphone - and that the world is ready for a major shift in the methods that we use to consume our media.

"There's a tremendous amount of R&D going into a different kind of TV set," he said, also admitting that there was "no doubt" that Steve Jobs knew that a reinvention of the TV market was needed.

"That's what we're all looking for," said Mr. Stringer. "We can't continue selling TV sets [like the industry has been]. Every TV set we all make loses money."

And losing money is something Sony knows about - it's forecast that the Japanese giant will declare a loss of more than $1 billion in the fiscal year through March, with a large chunk of that cash down to the TV market.

Stringer did admit, despite his claims of a new platform being ready to launch, that "it will take a long time to transition to a new form of television" - although that comment was more than likely aimed in the direction of Cupertino.