Sony has detailed a couple of new shiny black boxes over at IFA that it wants to see in your living room - the BDP-S185 Blu-ray player and SMP-N200 3D network player.

Starting with the Blu-ray and Sony is describing it as "an affordable way to enjoy the latest home entertainment" - so it looks like a budget model.

Still, there's Bravia Internet video on board though, so plenty of web streaming possibilities from the likes of YouTube, the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5.

There's also USB hard drive playback capabilities and it's one for the eco-warriors too - with a low-power consumption of 10 watts.

sony bdp s185 blu ray player and smp n200 3d network player stream in image 2

The SMP-N200 is a streaming box of goodies, and the follow up to the N100 that landed last year. It features an XrossMedia Bar like your PS3 and is all ready for some 3D action too courtesy of the 3D Experience app.

"The SMP-N200 Network Media Player will change how people experience entertainment at home," said James Forrester of Sony UK.

"It’s an easy way for everyone to enjoy Internet TV. With streaming speed and quality constantly improving, you can discover a limitless world of online channels, music and movies on your TV screen with no need for separate entertainment devices."

No dates or prices as of yet, but we'll do our darnedest to keep you posted.