We first saw the Sony 3D head-mounted display at CES at the beginning of the year in prototype stage, and now nearly 9 months later the company has announced that it will go on sale in Japan in November. 

The headset, which looks like some sort of fat Tron-esque Geordi La Forge visor, gives you a separate video channel for each eye immersing you in a world of 3D - a bit like real life. 

The head-mounted display - Personal 3D Viewer - "HMZ-T1" is, says Sony, akin to watching a 62ft screen as if you where in the cinema and is equipped with two OLED displays offering up a resolution of 1280x720 pixels with simulated 5.1-channel surround sound being piped in through the ear pieces.

"The effect is good, with Sony's demo tape offering a better 3D experience than some of the large-screen action used to demo its new products during the press conference presentation," said Pocket-lint’s editor Chris Hall when he tried the headset at CES in Las Vegas.  

Like the newly announced Vidoculars, launched by Sony earlier in the month, the device uses two separate screens to give you a 3D-quality image, which is how Sony is able to claim such a good picture. 

The unit is equipped with one socket for HDMI output and another for through output. The built-in HDMI output switcher enables both the head-mounted display and a television to be connected to the processor unit at any given time, thereby allowing the user to switch between devices for their desired output destination.

The new headset is expected to cost around 60,000 yen, which is around £480.