Sony has announced the arrival of the HD-PG5 external HDD range - an announcement that is much more exciting than you might think.

And that's because the Sony HD-PG5 range packs USB HD TV recording features, that work in tandem with certain Bravia TV sets.

It can record from the TV tuner or a connected set top box and it also offers PC-free transfers from your Handycam camcorders (DCR-SX21E and DCR-SR21 models).

If that wasn't enough Sony hook-up action for you, you'll be pleased to know that it will also play nicely with your PS3 allowing you to view stored videos using the Filmy app.

In terms of its HDD spec, it's got USB 3.0 connectivity, password protection manager 256-bit security software, backup manager software, and a FAT32 formatter software feature that lets you re-format the drive from NTFS to support the direct copy function with Handycam or playback with the PS3.

The range consists of 500GB drives, and will be available this month.