Silly name, good idea: Sony has introduced a new app for the PlayStation 3's XrossMediaBar - filmy (we told you it was silly) - that lets you view back your Sony camera-captured AVCHD videos.

All you have to do is simply connect an AVCHD-recordable Sony camera to your console using the USB cable and you can then browse your movies on your big screen TV.

Filmy has some pretty neat little functions apart from the obvious playback one - it provides an "Earth View" - which plots your movies using GPS data, organisation options are abundant (date, time, place etc) and you can also enjoy custom highlight reels with the "Digest Play" option - which lets you look at highlights of your videos using metadata such as face detection, smile shutter, and other camera operations.

“With the introduction of Sony’s Filmy application, users will be provided with more fun and intuitive options to view personal content via their PS3,” said Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network, SCEA.

“The Filmy application is another addition to the PlayStation Network portfolio as we continue to expand our offering of entertainment options, including games, movies and TV episodes, sports programming, and content that can’t be found anywhere else.”

In the media category of PlayStation Store, PS3 users in the States can access a free 15-minute trial of Filmy and then buy it for $5 if they like it. No UK release news as of yet, but we'll keep you posted.