Sony has announced the arrival of two new Freeview HD capable PVRs - the SVR-HDT1000 and SVR-HDT500, which as you could probably decipher from the name are 1TB and 500GB versions.

Like all good PVRs, you'll be able to record one channel and watch another (or watch a recording and record two channels) - all in glorious high-definition thanks to the twin Freeview HD tuners.

There are also a couple of USB ports on board too - with MP3, JPEG and MPEG playback all supported, and you can also hook up an external HDD should the 600 hours of SD or 250 hours of HD storage not suffice (1TB version, half this for the 500GB).

“The new PVRs for 2011 offer up to 1TB of storage, giving you a greater choice in the way you enjoy your entertainment,” said James Forrester, category marketing manager, Sony UK.

“It’s also perfect for a second room, especially with increasing numbers of people opting for television to work around their schedule, meaning PVRs are becoming an essential part of home entertainment kit.”

There's no official details of pricing or release dates, but a quick check online suggests May and £330 - £400 depending on what model you go for.