Sony is getting in on the 3D Blu-ray and home cinema action at CES 2011 with three new Blu-ray players and four new home cinema systems.

The Blu-ray players come in the form of the BDP-S380, S480 and S580 - all of which bring internet and USB connectivity for sharing/streaming video, pictures and music as well as browsing the web.

The BDP-S380, which is the basic model, offers 2 x USB inputs for connecting games consoles or hard disk drives and smartphone apps for easy remote control.

With the other two you get added 3D functionality and DLNA networking, and the S580 brings Wi-Fi to the party as well.

Coming to the home cinema systems and it's 3D all the way for the BDV-E280, E380 and E880. All stream videos and music from the Internet or your iPod or iPhone, can play 3D movies through the Blu-ray player and have 3D surround sound functionality. 2x HDMI inputs are also standard throughout the range.

The E380 brings extra connectivity options and auto speaker calibration whilst the E880 gets a couple of tallboy speakers thrown in.

There's also the BDV-E780W - a 3D system with Wi-Fi setup for four desktop speakers.

No pricing or availability details as yet.

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