Sony told us during its CES 2011 press conference that its engineers are working on personal 3D displays. Giving you a headset looking like some sort of fat Tron-esque Geordi LaForge visor, the headset gives you a separate video channel for each eye so there is no cross talk.

We dived into the action, with the personal 3D unit first having to be calibrated to our eyes to get the effect right. This is a manual process and for the purposes of our demo, a Sony agent put some lined glasses on us first, then adjusted a dial in the 3D unit, to reposition the internal screens.

Then its full-on 3D action. As it stands, you have to hold the unit to your eyes, although Sony exec Hiroshi Yoshioka told he’d immersed himself in GT5 on the PS3 in 3D using the headset, and we guess that adding a strap wouldn't be too hard.

The effect is good, with Sony's demo tape offering a better 3D experience than some of their large screen action used to demo their new products during the press conference presentation. 

Internally, two OLED displays offer up a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with simulated 5.1 channel surround sound being piped in through the ear pieces.

Sony is also working on glassless 3D displays, with prototypes on the CES showfloor for you to get excited about. The displays being shown off include 56-inch 4K LCD panel, a 46-inch 2K panel and a 24.5-inch 2K OLED screen, which do look stunning. There is no timetable in place for their delivery but Sony is showing them off to prove they are on the “radar”, and that Sony will provide a glasses-free 3D future for TVs.

CES 2011 is now in full-swing, be sure to check out our dedicated CES homepage for all of the news as it breaks, as well as detailed analysis.