If, like most of team Pocket-lint, you've got little 'uns running around at home; you've probably experienced the frustration of looking for your TV's remote control, only to find it and realise your little angel has wedged a piece of biscuit inside the battery compartment or cleverly changed all of your Blu-ray player settings.

Well, if so, you'll be happy to hear that Sony has come up with a solution by way of the Sony Kids Remote Control (RMKZ1).

Coloured bright green, this remote has big, child-friendly, buttons which can be pre-programmed to tune into only the channels that they, and more importantly you, want to be seen.

So that's Nick Jr, Playhouse Disney, the Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, CBeebies, Toonami and Bloomberg (so little Timmy can check his shares).

The remote also has volume limit control, a lockable battery compartment, and is splash proof as well.

Available in the States, from Target, this handy device will cost you $14.99.