Sony's 3D bombardment continues unabated with the introduction of two new LED TVs in its Bravia range. Both of them feature slimmer, fancier design aesthetics than the company's 3DTVs before them, and sport slimmer bezels around the edge of the screen.

The two 3DTVs can also be used with Sony's optional designer stand, which slants the screen at a 6-degree angle - apparently the optional position for viewing - and has a 2.1ch speaker sound system in the base.

Being the cheaper model, the NX713 gets Motionflow 100Hz picture processing (screen refresh), while the step-up set, NX813, sports Motionflow 200Hz, but that's seemingly the only major difference in their tech specs. The two of them share their love of 3D and the ability to munch through any three-dimensional content you happen to blast through them; PlayStation 3 games, 3D Blu-rays (when more than Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs finally hits the market), and the forthcoming Virgin Media and Sky 3D broadcasting services.

Another thing they share is that each set is another piece in Sony's big 3D jigsaw: "With 3D capability, the connectivity of BRAVIA Internet Video and stunning monolithic design, the NX713 and NX813 are perfect for people who want both style and performance from their TV", says Christian Brown, senior category marketing manager, Sony UK.

"More and more people recognize that 3D will play an important part in the future of home entertainment. And with the NX713 and NX813 you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re ready to upgrade to 3D viewing as soon as you decide the time is right".

There's no prices or confirmed release dates as yet, but Pocket-lint will let you know as soon as we do.