A stack of Sony 3D TVs, Blu-ray decks and home cinema systems, and accessories will be on sale in over 600 UK stores from tomorrow, June 11 2010.

The first Bravia TV available will be the KDL-HX803, with the HX903 and LX903 models coming soon. Additionally, shops will offer the BD-S470 and BD-S570 Blu-ray decks, with the former requiring a firmware update (available from June 12) to enable its 3D-readiness.

Two home cinema systems will also become 3D ready after firmware patches, the BDV-E370 and E870.

These all follow the PlayStation 3, which became 3D-compatible as of today June 10. And the HX803 TV will be able to run the stereoscopic games released on the PlayStation Network.

As well as being 3D ready for native content, the LED-backlit LCD TV features 3D up conversion - technology that turns 2D video into 3D on the fly.

Of course, the biggest hurdle with 3D equipment will be whether or not there will be content to view. But, as well as the games, Sony will be bundling a 3D Blu-ray copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with selected products and is keen to stress that new movies from Sony Pictures, such as Spider-Man 4, The Green Hornet and Resident Evil: Afterlife, will all be 3D ready after release. Plus 3D Blu-ray versions of Monster House and Open Season are imminent.

Additionally, Sony will be filming 25 matches at the World Cup this Summer, and will be screening 3D promotional trailers for the games in its own-brand retail stores.

Prices are yet to be announced, however, we expect the KDL-HX803 to be around £1,400 for the 40in version (£1,600 for the 46in). The BD-S470 is about £190 (so the BD-S570 will be approximately £250). And the home cinema systems will be £400-£500.

Sony's 3D glasses will cost £90 each and come with 100 hours battery life. And while two pairs will be bundled with the flagship LX903 TV range, they will need to be bought separately, along with a £33 transmitter, for both the HX803 and HX903 TVs. They do come in child sizes, in pink and blue, though. You know, for the kids. Aaah.